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In this archive, you may access presentation materials and video recordings from previous installments of our monthly Biophilia: Pittsburgh meeting series. Additions will be made often, so visit regularly for the latest materials to deepen your Biophilia: Pittsburgh experience.

October 2021
Virtual Biophilia: The Science and Strategy Behind Fostering Empathy for Nature
Guest Speaker: Dr. Jim Wharton, director of conservation engagement and learning at the Seattle Aquarium
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September 2021
Virtual Biophilia: Creating a Comprehensive Plan for Development
Guest Speaker: Tiffany Taulton, director of community initiatives for Hazelwood Initiative, Inc.
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July 2021
Virtual Biophila: Small is Big: Resident Leadership for a Sustainable Future
Guest Speaker: Miriam Parson, match program director at ioby
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June 2021
Virtual Biophilia: Stay Black, Stay Green
Guest Speaker: Alyssa Lyon, director of Black Environmental Collective at UrbanKind
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May 2021
Virtual Biophilia: Sovereignty Through Farming
Guest Speaker: Michael Snyder, farm manager of Gakwi:yo:h Farms
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January 2021
Virtual Biophilia: A Story that Shaped the Sky: The Curious Case of Shakespeare's Starlings
Guest Speaker: John MacNeil Miller, Ph.D.
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October 2020
Virtual Biophilia: "Conservation and Restoration of Pacific Island Agroforestry Systems"
Guest Speaker: Ashley McGuigan and Zoe Hastings - PhD Candidates, Department of Botany - University of Hawai'i at Manoa 
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September 2020
Virtual Biophilia: "Fostering Connection to Nature through Environmental Education"
Guest Speaker: Dr. Becky Thomas, Associate Professor, Parks and Conservation - Slippery Rock University; Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators Southwest Region Director 
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June 2020
Virtual Biophilia: "Coast to Coast with Biophilly"
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May 2020
Virtual Biophilia: "Elusive and Endangered: Keeping Pace with the World's Most Mysterious Cat: The Snow Leopard"
Guest Speaker:Charlotte Hacker - Duquesne University
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February 2, 2017
“How Love of Community Drives Grassroots Sustainability"
Guest Speaker: Zaheen Hussain, Millvale sustainability coordinator
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