Phipps is making headlines! Read what voices worldwide have to say about our breathtaking seasonal flower shows, lush botanic gardens, sustainable innovation and greenest buildings.

"While LEED Certification demonstrates the building meets a high level of performance, Phipps consistently goes further than the certification requirements because certification is not the goal: the goal is to be as sustainable as possible. … By fully embracing the call of their values, and walking their talk, Phipps is an amazing example of the reach and impact of a mission in action."
— "6 Lessons Learned from One of the World’s Most Sustainable Campuses," Pirie Associates

"[The CSL] is a popular administration, education and research center, which is located at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Furthermore, it is amongst the most energy-efficient buildings that create their own energy and captures all the sanitary water and storm and treats it on site. It is the first building that has managed to reach all the types of certifications Four-Stars Sustainable SITES, Living Building Challenge, and WELL Building Platinum."
— "12 Most Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Buildings in the World," EcoFriend

"Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is not only a beautiful venue – it’s green too! Exchange vows in their Victorian glasshouse or throw a large reception in their Outdoor Garden. The structure looks as delicate as lace against the vivid green plant and floral background. The team will work with you to bring your grandest visions to life all in one location."
— "50 States of Gorgeous Wedding Venues," TLC

"The [Exhibit Staging Center] project demonstrates that some of the greenest, healthiest buildings can be those that already exist, by transforming an old cinderblock structure into one of outstanding sustainability."
— "Pittsburgh Property Scores Sustainability Trifecta," Commercial Property Executive

"Upon the Exhibit Staging Center’s completion and certification, Phipps will be the home of the greenest buildings in the world (the Center for Sustainable Landscapes, Nature Lab and the ESC) showcasing new, existing and modular construction types."
— "What’s Old is New (and Green) Again," Pittsburgh Magazine

"Experience the captivating work of Vincent van Gogh brought to three-dimensional life through vibrant blooms, majestic trees and hand-crafted props as recreations of his legendary paintings take centre stage at Phipps Conservatory this summer. The historic glasshouse has been transformed with breathtaking reimaginings of famous works, including 'Starry Night' and 'Sunflowers.'"
— "11 of the World’s Most Spectacular Gardens," Ecophiles

"In all, this treasured resource offers visitors 14 climate- and moisture-controlled greenhouses and 23 gardens on 15 acres. Each house is a self-contained botanical wonder of leafy mazes, artistic flowery swirls, textured mounds and well defined borders."
— "Hit the Road: Desert Oasis in Downtown Pittsburgh," The Coast News

Photo © Paul g. Wiegman