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Soil and Soil Amendments

• AgRecycle offers bulk quantities of quality compost. They will deliver large orders of their compost to your site or you can have a pickup truck loaded with fresh compost. 

• APLS Supply in Allison Park offers bulk quantities of soil and compost by delivery or loaded into a pickup truck.

• Building Products Supply Yard in Sharpsburg offers bulk quantities of soil and compost by delivery or loaded into a pickup truck.

• Craigslist is a great source for compost and manure.

• East End Food Co-op sells soil and soil amendments, including vermicompost.

• Sandy Creek Supply in Verona offers bulk quantities of soil and compost 

• Phipps Recommended Local Nurseries offer various bagged soil, compost, and natural mulches.


• Paul Lumber sells 2x6 and 2x8 cedar, in addition to other lumber products.

• Construction Junction is a good local source for reclaimed wood. 

• Craigslist is a potential resource for reusable materials.

Seeds and Seedlings


• Phipps' Smart Seed Shopping guide offers a list of seed vendors for your reference, with ownership information, organic availability and GMO policies for each.

• From that list, Homegrown buys their seeds from High Mowing Organic, Johnny’s Selected, Baker Creek Heirloom, and Seed Savers Exchange

• Grocery stores often sell seeds; look for the brands mentioned on Phipps’ Shopping guide


• East End Food Co-op sells locally-grown seedlings, seeds, and potting soil.

• Grow Pittsburgh specializes in high quality vegetable and herb seedlings including heirloom tomatoes, peppers, and more. You can purchase seedlings directly from East End Food Co-op and at other sales events or locations listed on their website.

• Grow Pittsburgh’s Info Hub offers also keeps a comprehensive list of local suppliers, found along the right side of this link’s page.

Photos © Charity Grimes Bauman and Gabe Tilove