Phipps offers an exciting lineup of field trips and outreach programs for school, community and other education groups. While meeting Pennsylvania standards, these programs use botany and ecology to inspire learning. Field trips can be modified to meet the needs of individual groups and each field trip generally includes 45 – 60 minutes in the classroom and, when in person, time to explore the Conservatory on a tour. To schedule a field trip or ask any questions, call 412-441-4442, ext. 3925

See our exciting lineup of in-person field trips for school, homeschool, scout and other education groups.

Explore an exciting lineup of in-person or self-guided field trips for school, homeschool, scout and other education groups. 

Photos © Cory Doman; Julia Petruska; Paul g. Wiegman; Denmarsh Photography, Inc.; Annie O'Neill; and Phipps staff