On June 15 – 17, 2022, the third-annual Nature of Place Symposium united thought leaders across disciplines for a conversation on "The Voice of Change." One of the largest obstacles in our human response to environmental issues like climate change has nothing to do with technology, knowledge, or intelligence: it’s human behavior and mindset. We often fear change, struggle to authentically communicate with those around us, and feel like we lack the tools to influence decision makers. With all of this in mind, the goal of Nature of Place: The Voice of Change is to help us connect to our communities, reconnect with the natural world, and catalyze real and lasting change towards climate action and an equitable green future.

In this online resource, the Nature of Place contributors present video, written summaries and more to take you inside this important gathering and invite you to join the conversation on these vital issues.

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The Nature of Place Symposium was structured in three sessions, each with its own set of presentations. In this resource, you'll find each session represented by video of its presentations and panel discussion along with written abstracts.

Session 1: Equity, Empathy, and Learning to Listen

Climate communication can be complicated by a variety of factors such as political and social identities, jargon, and our own misconceptions and misunderstandings. To have meaningful and productive climate conversations, we need to learn to listen empathetically, be prepared to challenge our own assumptions and interpretations of systems and situations and create space for authentic communication around equitable climate solutions.

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Session 2: Creatively Building Bridges

Climate solutions include connecting with our neighbors, communities, and the institutions and systems we are all a part of. Sometimes reaching out includes building creative bridges towards climate actions.

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Session 3: Encouraging Change in Your Community

The biggest movements often begin as grassroots efforts. Hear from a variety of individuals who have walked the path of a changemaker, and learn how we all can inspire community change towards climate action.

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