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Plants need water just like us! Learn about how much water our gardens need, see why water is important for our bodies, get familiar with foods that hydrate us, and learn new games we can play on a rainy day.

Gardening Basics: How to Water Your Garden
Miss Jennifer, science education coordinator, here with your gardening tip of the week! This week our theme is The World of Water. Watering your plants is a very important and fun part of caring for your garden. Scroll through my pictures of my garden for some good watering tips!

Mindful Movement: Rainy Day Activities
There's so much to do on a rainy day! We created a list of ideas to keep you busy and active when it's wet outside.

What’s Cooking?: Hydrating Smoothie Bowls
We all know that hydration is important, but do you know why? If we don't have enough water in our systems, it makes it really difficult for our bodies to manage essential functions. Water helps carry nutrients and oxygen to our cells, cushions our joints, normalizes our blood pressure, stabilizes our heartbeat, aids digestion and more! It is important to nourish our bodies by not only drinking water but eating hydrating foods. This refreshing recipe uses cantaloupe and strawberries, which are approximately 90% water. Check it out!

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