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Youth on our Youth Climate Advocacy Committee develop and implement environment-related projects of their choice within the Pittsburgh community. Their projects are focused on climate action and environmental justice, youth-led, and aim to have a lasting impact. Youth on our committee are mentored by other youth, Phipps staff, and local experts throughout the duration of their project development. Thank you to everyone who has supported our YCAC youth in their work!

Engage with our Projects:

  • Support the Radon Remediation Act (Bill 339) If passed this bill will require radon testing in schools, residential buildings, and commercial buildings and will impose penalties for action not properly taken on radon testing and prevention. In a state such as Pennsylvania with immense coal deposits throughout the commonwealth it is imperative that action is taken in order to create a safer environment for citizens. Please sign our petition to have your voice be heard.

Learn from our Projects:

YCAC Projects Through the Years

The 2023-2024 Committee developed six incredible projects: a documentary on lawns vs meadows, a journey into repurposing food waste (leading to delicious donut bread pudding, marmalade, and crostinis from saved foods!), a beautiful sustainable art and fashion gallery, a deep dive into the risks and effects of radon in our area accompanied by a petition to support Senate Bill 339 and an initiative to provide free radon testing kits to local at-risk communities, a collaboration with local boroughs and organizations to recycle plastic film, and an exploration of energy including renewable eergy sources and ways we all can conserve energy.

The 2022-2023 Committee developed nine different climate action and environmental justice projects with a wide variety of topics: a photojournalism project about plastic pollution, an environmental justice project donating filters to protect Homewood residents from lead water piping, education about native pollinator plants and plant and seed bomb giveaways, a youth literary magazine, a podcast about sustainable living, a guide to creating change in schools, a DIY rain barrel and urban gardening project, and sustainable fashion project including sewing workshops and a youth fashion show. 

The 2021-2022 Committee developed projects on environmental education, food systems and sustainable fashion. The environmental education project focuses on bringing knowledge about environmental issues to middle school students, highlighting the importance of being informed from a young age. The food systems project looks at how we can make a positive climate impact with our diets while also eating delicious and budget-friendly meals. The sustainable fashion project aims to bring attention to the immense impact that fast fashion has on climate change and promote stylish looks that are better for the planet.