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Senior Team at Phipps

Richard V. Piacentini
President and CEO

Ashley Dean
Chief of Staff

Gregory R. DuFour
Director of Development Campaign

Corinne Gibson
Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement

Allyson Koteski
Director of Guest Services

Katie Lynch
Chief Financial Officer

Margie Radebaugh
Director of Horticulture

Karen Priore
Senior Director of Site Operations

Joe Reed
Senior Director of Communications

Dr. Sarah States
Director of Research and Science Education

Director of Facilities

Gabe Tilove
Director of Adult Education and Community Outreach

Board of Trustees

Erica Cochran Hameen

Matthew Mehalik
Vice Chair

Patricia DeMarco

William Slivka 

Walter Burlack 
Immediate Past Chair

Trustees Emeritus
Edith (Toto) Fisher
Elin Roddey

Nathan Boxx
Fred Brown
Bob Charland
Emily Collins 
Sherry DuCarme
Bev Elliott
Marita Garrett 
Michael Herald
Jui Joshi
Joanne Kilgour
Vera Krekanova
Joseph Lagana
Scott Lammie
Vivian Loftness
Ryan Martin
Tami Minnier
Maria Montaño
Caroline Mitchell
Jennifer Muse
Kelly Noel
Mary Odom
Reshma Paranjpe
Mike Parkinson
John Pollock
Billy Porter 
Diana Mrvos Rath
Philip Reeder
Andre Samuel
Krishna Sharma
Ginny Simmons
Natalia Skurman
Tim Smith
John Stolz
Ritu Thamman
Missy Unkovic

Photo © Paul g. Wiegman