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Learning for a Greener Future: A Youth Art Exhibition
Learning for a Greener Future: A Youth Art Exhibition
Learning for a Greener Future: A Youth Art Exhibition
Learning for a Greener Future: A Youth Art Exhibition
Learning for a Greener Future: A Youth Art Exhibition

See Phipps through the lens of our talented summer interns in a new photography exhibit.

During the summer of 2017, eight high school students were selected to work in Phipps’ Learning for a Greener Future Internship program.  As interns, these teenagers worked closely with Phipps’ science education and horticulture staff to investigate green careers; learn the science and art of plant care; grow, harvest and cook seasonal vegetables; and engage in sustainability-related advocacy. They have developed a strong understanding of the importance of plants, learned how humans affect the environment and how the environment affects human health, and explored sustainable solutions to various environmental challenges our society faces today.

Guided by the professional eye of photographer and writer Doug Oster, our interns’ budding photography skills blossomed. Through a series of workshops, they were drawn to examine whatever crossed their paths, from nature’s delicate details to man-made structures. The interns chose their favorite pictures to display in this gallery space. The pictures demonstrate the power of communication and art through the view of a camera lens.  

Featured Artists
Junyi Gong, Taylor Allderdice High School
Jacob Herrup, Taylor Allderdice High School
Bella Jackson, Woodland Hills High School
Jospin Kazimoto, Brashear High School
Dorcas Malenge, Brashear High School
Samikchya Rai, Brashear High School

Christopher Rosenthal, Hampton High School

Thanks to Doug Oster for sharing his expertise and time with our high school interns. The Learning for a Greener Future internship program is made possible through the generous support of The Grable Foundation and Pennsylvania’s Education Improvement Tax Credit Program.

Photos © Junyi Gong, Jacob Herrup, Bella Jackson, Jospin Kazimoto, Dorcas Malenge, Samikchya Rai and Christopher Rosenthal

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