NOTE: All Phipps tickets must be purchased in advance, and safety protocols must be followed. Learn more about how you can join us!

The following are upcoming virtual programs presented by Let's Move Pittsburgh. Learn more and find out how you can join us!

Let’s Move Pittsburgh offers virtual programming that supports new or existing virtual or classroom style programs to improve children's health with the goal of helping every school in Allegheny County become the healthiest place for kids to learn and grow. 

Join Registered Dietitian and Let's Move Pittsburgh Coordinator Maris Altieri for a lunch and learn nutrition series covering topics from mindful eating, pantry planning, healthy snacks and more!

The 15-Day Family Fitness Challenge will feature four categories of activities to choose from each day. Simply pick the category you would like to participate in and select an activity from that category to try. 

Are you ready to play? Let's Move Pittsburgh Bingo is an opportunity for children and families to get excited about trying new activities and experiences! Anyone and everyone is welcome to play!