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Learn tips for growing and preparing fresh, healthy food through our virtual seed-to-plate curriculum, vegetable gardening guide, Homegrown Handbook and seasonal recipes from Café Phipps chefs!

Growing and Cooking Food Portal

Vegetable Gardening Guide

Looking to begin your vegetable garden? Phipps staff have compiled a list of resources below to help your garden grow so you can enjoy fresh, healthy food all summer long! 

Growing and Cooking Food Portal

Homegrown Handbook

Want to follow the Homegrown model in your own backyard or community? Get your kids involved in this hands-on activity with positive, healthy lifelong rewards! Start with The Homegrown Handbook, our comprehensive guide that takes you from frame-building to seeds, placement, pest control and harvesting.

What We're Cooking With Now Blog Series

Browse the blog posts below for recipes featuring stand-out, delicious ingredients.



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