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Learn about ways to increase healthy food and nutrition education in our communities through lunch-and-learn nutrition webinars, plant-forward recipes and evidence-based health and wellness tips.

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New Year, New Nutrition

How long does it take to make a change in your behavior? It's on everyone's minds as the new year begins! In this resource, learn how to make mindful changes and set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) goals so that your new healthy habits are impactful and maintainable for the long term.

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Mindful Eating

Mindful eating can help navigate compulsions to stress eat. It involves supporting autonomy around food choices, and encourages people to connect to and trust their own inner wisdom to make decisions of what, when, and how much to eat. 

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Flexible Meal Planning

New restrictions, disrupted schedules, and limited grocery store trips has left us with narrowed options when it comes to getting dinner on the table. Learn about how to write flexible weekly meal plans with me in webinar below. 

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Building a Plant-Forward Pantry

A well-stocked (not overstocked) pantry and is at the foundation of a happy and healthy kitchen. If you have the space and the means, having a core set of kitchen staples on-hand makes life a whole lot easier.

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Fueling Your Workouts with Food

Did you know that what you eat before, during and after workouts can affect your performance? Learn about the basics of building energizing and replenishing pre and post workout snacks in this webinar.

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Plant-Forward Nutrition Basics

Are you interested in leading a plant-based lifestyle but aren’t sure where to start? Watch this two-part webinar series to explore plant-based basics including common myths, vegan/vegetarian protein sources, omega-3s, key vitamins and minerals, nutrient adequacy and recipe substitutions.

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Decoding the Nutrition Label

Learn how to understand and use the Nutrition Facts label to help you and your family make healthful eating choices and identify nutrient-dense foods for a balanced diet. 

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Mealtime Positivity

Creating a positive meal-time environment can be challenging for any parent or child care provider. Learn strategies on how to navigate picky eaters and keep food time fun!

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Toddler Nutrition

Learn about toddler serving sizes, meal time frequency, and additional feeding tips for the little ones.

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Plant Forward Plates

Are you interested in creating plant-based meals but aren’t sure where to start? Join the LMP team and UPMC Health Coaches and explore plant-based basics including common myths, vegan/vegetarian protein sources, key vitamins and minerals, and recipe substitutions.

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Healthful Holiday Snacking

The holidays are just around the corner and so are holiday treats. Join LMP and UPMC Health Coaches to learn how to navigate holiday snacking and healthy baking tips.

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Seasonal Meal Planning and Food Prep

Interested in weekly meal prep but not sure where to start? Learn how to create weekly seasonal meal plans that work for you and your family with Let’s Move Pittsburgh and UPMC Health Plan health coaches.

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Women’s Health and Nutrition

At every stage of women's lives, nutrition and exercise are the cornerstones of good health and optimal energy. But certain vitamins and minerals become especially important at particular times of life. Learn about the special nutrient needs women have during each stage of life with the LMP Team and UPMC Health Coaches. 

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Nutrition and Immunity

Good nutrition is essential for a healthy immune system. While no one food or vitamin can prevent illness, you can protect your health by being mindful of key vitamins, minerals and eating patterns. Join Let’s Move Pittsburgh and UPMC Health Plan health coaches to learn about how to support your immune system through food in this recorded live class.  

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Freezer Garden Meals

Sometimes your garden can leave you with an abundance of veggies that you don’t know what to do with! Learn tips and tricks on how to store produce properly and create freezer garden meals to enjoy for later with UPMC Health Coaches and Let’s Move Pittsburgh.

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Summertime Herbs and Spices

What’s the difference between an herb and spice? How do we store herbs and spices to maximize flavor, shelf life, and nutrient potency? Find out these answers and more in our recorded seasonal herbs class with UPMC Health Coaches and Let’s Move Pittsburgh. 

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